Goodbye winter

It has been a perfect long weekend in Toronto. The weather could not be better and as I write from the shady comfort of my front porch, I want to take a moment to reflect on my winter. I did not get into a regular exercise routine or go snowshoeing but I didn't hate winter this year so I will call it a successful season. For one, the weather was relatively mild. Two, we had a really lovely trip to Asia with my parents. It was my first time back in Asia since I moved back from Hong Kong and H's first time. We trotted around HK eating egg waffles and kayaked among karsts in breathtaking Halong Bay. Good food was everywhere and although H was disabled by a three-day bout of food poisoning, we had an incredible time exploring the city through her newbie eyes. HK is incredible and will always have a special place in my heart. 

Aside from long hours at work, I found some time to continue writing for The Globe and Mail and some other publications. My mention of Big Crow in the winter led to an article about entertaining outdoors in the winter and I explored how the Diary Farmers are trying to woo Chinese-Canadians to incorporate dairy into their diets with mixed results. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Valerie Bertinelli about the kitchen in her Malibu home for the May issue of House and Home. She is incredibly kind and I introduced her to Caesars, the Canadian version of Bloody Marys. 

Perhaps the most fun was my piece about the cookbook club I started earlier this year. The project was inspired by a Serious Eats article, my underused cookbook collection and love of entertaining. Simply put, a cookbook club is what you get when you combine a book club with a potluck. You can read all about it (and see embarrassing photos) on the G&M site here

Since the spring started, my life has been taken over by wedding-planning as I'm getting married in a month! Turns out hosting a party for 150 people takes a lot of time and the work is never done. However, there are a few upcoming to-be-published articles I'm very excited about. I have many thoughts about wedding-planning which may or may not end up here one day but the prevailing emotions H and I feel is just overwhelming happiness and so very lucky to have such amazing family and friends. We have had so many positive responses and messages of love, it makes me tear up just thinking about them.