New beginnings

I am not yet sure what I'll be doing in this space but I've decided I don't need to have a pre-determined content strategy. That's for my work work. This is fun work.

I'll start with what I plan to do in 2015.

1. Start running again: I've already signed up for my first 5k in April. I'm a bit nervous, it's a hilly route and it's been weeks since I last ran more than the distance between my house and the bulk food store (under 1k). Also, it will help me feel better about all the food-related items below.

2. Cook from my cookbooks: I have dozens and dozens of beautiful, thoughtfully made cookbooks on my shelf and I never use them. I love my cookbooks, I want to use them so this year, I will. I've already started by trying a new recipe each week. Unfortunately, my attempt at Mark Bittman's "Stewed Lentils, Ethiopian Style" (from his How to Cook Everything Vegetarian) was a massive failure: too much cardamom, not enough...something else.

3. Host dinner parties: I much prefer to host smaller groups for dinner, rather than a large house party (though it's nice that people still talk about the Bros and Hos kegger). We have a nice home and an extendable dining table. Also, this may be my way to justify the purchase of new tableware.

4. Read more: Every year, I say I'm going to complete one book a month which I realize isn't all that impressive. 2013 was an embarrassment. I started six books and probably finished half of them. 2014 was a bit better, thanks to audiobooks and I have even higher hopes for 2015. I've already started Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple and Life, on the Line by Grant Achatz, so at least I'm starting on track. [Find me on Good Reads!]

This is my first post on SquareSpace. You can find my previous blogs all over the internet, mostly on Wordpress. Unfortunately, I find Wordpress too clunky and frankly, the templates weren't impressive. I'm giving this a go, but if you have suggestions for another platform (like Squarespace), I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!